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Welcome to our Registered Partner Page! As a valued partner of EducateMe Group, we want to ensure that you have all the tools and resources you need to promote our services effectively. In this section, we will provide you with instructions on how to efficiently use our marketing materials, including flyers, sample posts for social media, student preliminary  information packs, and brochures. 

Partner Toolkit for Global Agents


Partner University Commissions

Our Outreach Partner University Commissions List is a valuable resource  designed exclusively for you as a one stop solution to all your potential earning queries. The Commissions list provides you comprehensive information about the University commission percentages and amount, all in one place with hassle-free access.

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Student Application Form

Explore our Student Application Form, where dedicated agents can effortlessly submit vital information about their aspiring international students. This user-friendly form ensures a seamless experience, allowing us to assist in making their dream of studying abroad a reality. Download the form today and start the journey!




Our flyers are an excellent way to spread the word about our study abroad services. They are designed to be eye-catching and informative, and are perfect for distribution at education fairs, school events, and and through other promotional activities. To use our flyers effectively, simply print them out and distribute them to interested students. Feel free to share the PDFs with your students digitally, display printed copies on local noticeboards or hand them out to potential students during presentations and other in-person events. 



Sample Posts for social media

Our sample posts for social media are designed to be shared on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They are an effective way to digitally reach a large audience of potential students. They are ready to use templates with space to add your logo and contact information. To use them efficiently, simply copy and paste the post onto your social media page and add any relevant hashtags or links. We can also help you customise the posts to better fit your target audience, just reach out to your account manager! 

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Student Preliminary Pack

Our student preliminary pack is a comprehensive guide to the additional services offered to them through EducateMe Global. We have carefully designed this offering to help students prosper while studying in the UK. It includes information on the admission requirements, academic support teams, student ambassadors, visas, and more. To use it effectively, simply download it and print it out, and distribute it to interested students. No customisation available.

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Our brochure is a visually appealing guide that provides comprehensive information about our services, our experience, and the benefits of studying in the UK. To use it effectively, simply download and print it out, and distribute it to interested students. no customisation

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We hope that these instructions on how to efficiently use our marketing materials have been helpful.  

We are always happy to help you create more marketing materials catered to your needs, feel free to reach lout to your account manager. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to working with you to promote our study abroad services in the UK. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you to create more marketing material catered to your needs. 


About the CEO

Vinod’s specialisation is in international compliance. He uses his mass of experience to ensure that every student’s journey is flawless from the moment of enquiry for all our learners. His advice and guidance for international students is bolstered by all his experience, making it invaluable.

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Vinod Siyani

Chief Executive Officer, EducateMe Group


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