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Classroom Lecture

Comprehensive Teacher Training Course

Elevate Your Teaching, Transform Their Futures

Welcome to our groundbreaking Teacher Training Course, meticulously crafted to empower secondary school educators in India with the skills and knowledge to excel in English language medium teaching. Our course covers a diverse range of essential topics that are at the heart of modern education, ensuring you are well-equipped to shape the next generation of learners.

Module Highlights

English Level 1 (Proficiency)

Refresh your English language skills, ensuring you're well-prepared to communicate effectively and confidently with your students.

English Level 2 (Teaching)

Delve into language teaching methodologies and informal learning approaches. Equip yourself with tools to make language learning exciting and impactful.


Transform long-term aims into tangible class objectives. Learn to design curricula that foster progressive learning and achievement.


Harness the power of technology to enrich your teaching methods. Explore a range of tools to elevate your lessons and make learning interactive.


Unleash the potential of your teaching space. Discover how to create dynamic interactions, utilising the classroom as a canvas for engagement.

Class Design Principles

Craft captivating classes by leveraging innovative resources and defining clear objectives. Keep your students engaged and excited about learning.

Supplementary Instruction Methods

Equip yourself with effective strategies to prepare and organise your lessons. From planning materials to structuring your time, master the art of readiness.

Diversity and


Create an inclusive classroom where every student thrives. Promote equal opportunities and identify support mechanisms to cater to diverse learning needs.

Why Choose Our Course?

Your Journey to Excellence Starts Here

Through our flexible structure designed to suit your needs, you'll embark on a learning journey that addresses real-world challenges and equips you with practical solutions. With a 1:1 ratio of individual work to classes in each module, you can complete the course in 10 weeks, or immerse yourself in an intensive 5-day format.

Moreover, upon successful completion, you'll earn a prestigious British CPD certification in 'Student Engagement Techniques in India', adding global recognition to your profile.

Enroll now and unlock a world of possibilities for both you and your students. 

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