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Communicative English For Students

Communicative English For School Students, an immersive and transformative learning experience crafted to empower students with exceptional English language skills and elevate their communication prowess.

This dynamic and result-driven course is meticulously designed to cater to learners of all levels, ensuring personalised attention and progress at their own pace. Prepare to unlock their full linguistic potential as we equip students with the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to excel in spoken and written English communication.

Build student's confidence to express themselves fluently and accurately in various real-life situations.

Sharpen student's listening comprehension abilities through a variety of engaging audio materials, including conversations, interviews, and presentations.

Expand student's vocabulary and comprehension skills by exploring a diverse range of authentic written materials.

Learn essential writing techniques, such as essay composition, formal correspondence, and creative writing, while focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and overall clarity.


1. Communicative English For High School Students – Grade VI to X

Our Communicative English for Students course is specifically designed to cater to students in grades 6 to 10, aiming to enhance their English language skills and foster effective communication.


2Communicative English For Higher Secondary Students – Grade XI & XII

Our Communicative English for Students course for students in grades 11 and 12 is a comprehensive program designed to further enhance their English language skills and prepare them for academic and professional success. 

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What do you learn?

The main objective of this course is to develop advanced English language proficiency, focusing on both spoken and written communication, to help students excel in higher education and future career opportunities.


The course is structured to be completed over a period of one academic year, with regular classes and interactive learning activities.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of achievement, acknowledging their improved English language skills.

Time Table


•    2 Classes per week
•    Monday to Friday
•    Regular class hours

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