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We are proud associate partner of The Pearson Test of English (PTE). It is an internationally recognised language proficiency test and  is the world’s first computer based English test. The Pearson test of English is for anyone who wishes to study, work, or migrate to the UK and other countries. PTE is accepted by the United Kingdom VISA and Immigration (UKVI) for all visa and immigration applications.

In terms of scoring patterns and outcomes, it is considerably different from its two popular competitors, IELTS and TOEFL. and the results are usually available in 48 hours to a maximum of 5 working days. Its score report is used to apply for universities abroad and all kinds of visas. The PTE exam is conducted in more than 350 locations in 117 countries all over the world. This exam is conducted throughout the year in different test sessions.

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PTE Academic scores are accepted for all UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand visa and immigration categories and they open doors to more than 3000 universities, colleges and professional bodies worldwide, including Harvard University, Oxford University and Macquarie University

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Course We Offer

PTE Training

  • 80 Hours of basic training

  • 5 Mock tests – Unlimited practice sessions​

  • Regular assessments, one-on-one feedback and reflection​

  • Unlimited Resource Materials 

Rs. 12,000*

*Course prices vary for Online and Offline Training

What happens next?

Open Enquiry/Demo Enquiry

The student expresses interest in the product or service by opening an enquiry.


Package Decision

The student chooses a package best suited to meet their requirements 



The student evaluate the package details and make payment for the required course


In-class/Online Training

The student attends in-class or online training to learn about the product or service.


Final Exam

The student takes a final exam to assess their knowledge and skills for the particular course.


Success Career Start

The student starts their new career. by gaining the new skills and expertise


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Facilities in the In-class training

Comfortable seating arrangements and spacing

Smartboards and Projectors

Computers and Audio-visual Aids

Adequate lighting and proper ventilation

Comfortable temperature and Cleanliness

How can we help you reach the cutting edge of quality education?

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