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Refer a friend and

Student referral program

You may invite your friends in a few simple steps. You will receive a financial award if your friend is enrolled

How to refer a friend?

The referrer "Introducer" needs to download a form and fill with the complete details of the new applicant and send us to the email

Who can I Introduce?

Referrer( Introducer )



New Applicant

Terms & Conditions

  • New referral must be a first-time applicant to EducateMe Group. 

  • The Introducer will guide new referrals through course options, taking the applicant through the application journey up to and including guidance on making a Student Finance application, assessment and interview process, enrolment, registration process and the institution policy expected from its students.

  • The Education Institution will pay EducateMe Group a commission for registering each applicant with them.  These payments are paid to EducateMe Group. in instalments on ‘term by term basis.

  • EducateMe Group will pay a commission of the amount of £700 to the introducer for each referral as follows:  

  • £350 - Instalment 1 on the applicant attending first term of the enrolled course, commission payment will be paid by week 12 of term 1.   

  • £350 - Instalment 2 on applicant attending and progressing to the second term of enrolled course, commission payment will be made by week 12 of term 2.  

  • All commissions are paid inclusive of VAT and the introducer will be responsible for self-applicable taxes. 

  • Payments will be made to the UK Bank Account in the name of the introducer via Bank Transfer.

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