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About Us

Expertise of individuals who have been in charge of international divisions at leading universities.

With a main focus of increasing participation in international study as a method of embracing multiculturality and cultivating transnational education, our organisation provides educational consultancy for a variety of purposes from advising students, large organisations and educational institutions. Primarily, we offer rounded support for learners at all stages of international study. We are partnered with many prominent organisations such as our student guidance partner VFS Global, universities in the UK and schools across the world.

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Meet the team

Praised as best in class, our team is made up of individuals who excel in their fields.

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Vinod Siyani

Chief Executive Officer

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Dylan Shah


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Dr. Dane Reeves

SVP Business Development

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Dr. Evangelin 

Head of Teaching

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Gaurav Rai

Digital Marketing Manager

Our Mission

At EducateMe Group, We envision a future where the boundaries of learning extend far beyond borders, where every aspiring learner is afforded the opportunity to embark on an international educational journey. Our commitment to this vision propels us towards a distinctive future where we wholeheartedly embrace multiculturalism, bridging divides and nurturing a global community of learners who thrive in a transnational educational landscape. Together, we aspire to shape a world that celebrates diversity, fosters understanding, and cultivates the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Our Vision

At EducateMe Group, our mission is driven by a dual perspective, encompassing both the micro and macro aspects of the future. On a micro level, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing and empowering each individual student, recognizing their distinct aspirations, goals, and untapped potentials. We are committed to helping them unlock their personal and academic achievements.

Simultaneously, we embrace the macro view, understanding that the progress and potential of every student contribute to a broader generational future. Our mission is to bridge the gap between these two perspectives, fostering a dynamic educational environment that prepares students not only for personal success but also for their pivotal role in shaping a brighter collective future.


Our core values

We practise what we preach


We pride ourselves on our transparency and morality towards the students whilst discussing their journey in education


We help you become accountable for your education and will be present to help push you to thrive


Our student counsellors have all the correct knowledge necessary to help you make the right decision


Our commitment to helping a student further their education goes beyond what is expected


We thrive on the possibility of a student pursuing their passion

Award Winning Organisation

EducateMe Group has been recognised for its exceptional services in guiding students towards studying abroad, providing co-curricular English training, and offering comprehensive preparation for IELTS and PTE exams.

Extensive Experience

With an extensive experience as a study abroad consultancy and English training provider, we are a trusted organisation that caters to both individuals and corporates. Our expert team provides comprehensive guidance for studying abroad, empowering students to pursue their educational dreams. We also offer tailored English training programs for professionals, co-curricular English for holistic development, and specialised preparation for IELTS and PTE exams.

Tailored Programs

At EducateMe Group, we offer tailored programs for students seeking to study abroad. Our comprehensive services include expert guidance on university selection, application assistance, and visa support. Additionally, we provide specialised training for IELTS and PTE exams, ensuring students meet the language proficiency requirements.

Experienced Faculty

We take pride in our experienced faculty who are dedicated to helping students excel in their IELTS and PTE preparation. With their in-depth knowledge and proven teaching methods, our faculty ensures that students are fully prepared to achieve their desired scores in these language proficiency exams.

UK Based Company

Based in the UK, we are your gateway to global opportunities. With our expertise and extensive network of prestigious universities worldwide, we offer tailored guidance and support to help you achieve your study abroad goals.

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How can we help you reach the cutting edge of quality education?

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