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Welcome to the Future of Education:
100% English Proficiency Scholarship for Your School!

At EducateMe Group, we understand the importance of nurturing English proficiency among your students.

We are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking scholarship program that is set to transform the lives of your students and elevate the English language skills within your institution.

Unlock a brilliant future with our FIRST EVER 100% English Proficiency Scholarship, tailored exclusively for your school!

University Student
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Scholarship Benefits for Your Students

Praised as best in class, our team is made up of individuals who excel in their fields.

Top Scorers Rewarded 100%

  • Secure the top spot in our test, and your students will receive FULL scholarships for students' English proficiency journeys. We're investing in excellence!

Shine with 75% Scholarship

  •  When your students achieve a remarkable 90% score, they'll still enjoy a generous 75% scholarship. Their hard work pays off, and your students benefit!

50% Scholarship for All Participants

  • Yes, you read it right! Every student participating from your school, regardless of their score, will receive a fantastic 50% scholarship. We're here to support your student’s aspirations!

About the Scholarship Test for Your School

Our scholarship test is designed to evaluate students' English proficiency skills comprehensively. It's not just about IELTS or PTE; it's about preparing your students for a world where English fluency opens doors to limitless opportunities.

Test Details

  • Date:

  • Time:

  • Duration: 1 hours

  • Format: Pen & paper/ Jot form

How to Apply

  • Register your school for the scholarship test through our user-friendly online portal and your school will be all set to participate.

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English Proficiency Test Scholarships

The scholarship doesn't stop at the test! We are committed to supporting
your school throughout your students' English proficiency journey.

100% Scholarship Recipients

FREE English Proficiency courses for selected students!

75% Scholarship Recipients

Benefit from a significant discount on your course fees.

50% Scholarship Recipients

Enjoy a generous discount on the course fee.

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to elevate English proficiency within your institution.
At EducateMe Group, we wholeheartedly support your school's vision, one scholarship at a time.

Register Your School Today

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Seize your chance to excel and shape the future of your students with our 100% English Proficiency Scholarship!

Terms and conditions apply. Scholarship availability is limited, so act swiftly. Contact us at for any inquiries or assistance.

How can we help you reach the cutting edge of quality education?

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