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EducateMe Receives 2023 Emerging Recruitment Partner Award from Coventry University

We are thrilled to be awarded the ‘Emerging Recruitment Partner’ by Coventry University for 2023! Alongside established companies and market leaders with decades of experience in international educational services, we have been recognised for our innovative approach to international student mobility.

The event was held on the 11th of January at Shangri-La Eros in Delhi. EducateMe Global was invited as a proud partner of the university to be a part of their award ceremony. Guests were welcomed by Steph Walton who is the newly appointed Director of Global Recruitment – congratulations Steph!

The award came as a massive surprise to us at EducateMe Global and we are grateful to Coventry for their kindness in receiving us and acknowledging our forward-thinking attitude to student recruitment.

Our Head of Global Sales, Alifiya Baig, was in attendance and said:

“During the award giving event, our company’s name was announced for the award, mentioning our constant engagement with the university admissions team and our thorough emphasis on the student journey.

This was an unexpected, but welcome, surprise for us and made us feel proud to be recognised among the big brands present at the event.

We are happy and feel encouraged to keep working harder, growing, and making positive impacts by always recommending quality students, always ensuring they meet all compliance procedures.”

Who we are and why did we receive the Award

EducateMe is an innovative, ethical university recruitment organisation that helps foreign nationals gain admission to UK Universities. Our mission is to spearhead compliance and ensure that any student we recommend to the universities for admission and sponsorship satisfactorily meets the requisite criteria.

We are set apart as an emerging ethical recruitment agency as we are committed to quality and excellence. We are rewarded in this grand event, a company just 2 years old, for our dedication and commitment.

What makes EducateMe Global Unique?

Among thousands of student recruitment agencies across the world, we endeavour to stand apart and push the industry forward.

In large part due to our in-house experience, one of our main focuses in the student journey is compliance. The importance of this for us emanates into all other aspects of our practice, ensuring that students have a pleasant and stress-free journey into UK higher education. Our CEO, Vinod Siyani, as a background of over 30 years in the international student space, working in large teaching institutions across the UK. Our counsellors are British Council, Pearson PTE trained, and have undertaken training with ICEF and OET Knowledge. In addition to experience, our process involves free and thorough visa consultation from One Vasco, part of the wider VFS Global family.

Through proactive community engagement, our understanding of student needs starts at source, by networking with schools, universities and community centres across the world. In this way we strive to keep our practices as ethical as possible with only the best interests of the students at heart.

We are committed to helping individuals to achieve their educational aspirations and career goals and happy to work with any students who wish to study in the UK.


Our future in the student recruitment industry

We aim to remain a growing and constantly evolving ethical recruitment agent. We want to always be on the top list of university recruitment agencies known for recommending qualified and committed students. We survey each student’s financial ability to study in the UK, their genuine aspirations to achieve an excellent degree and we avoid visa refusals through multiple audit steps.

We ensure that our university partners do not take on unnecessary risk in this way, we are contentious of the wider UK higher education landscape and where we want to fit within it. As an organisation with integrity and passion we wish our relationship with Coventry University to be long-lasting and fruitful as we look more towards healthcare and engineering industries in the coming year.

Aspiring students and universities alike are always welcome to discuss working with us as we continue to expand our global network.

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