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GBS Malta & EMA Paris Virtual
Spot Offer Event.

Welcome to our Virtual Spot Offers Event – your shortcut to realizing your European study dreams! 🌟

Just one last step! Provide your details to book your seat for the upcoming virtual Event

Welcome to Spot Offer Event:
30th April 2024, 11:00 AM

If you're geared up with your documents and eager to kickstart your academic journey in Europe, look no further. Join us for an exclusive opportunity to expedite your admission process and unlock exciting benefits.

Picture this: within just 48 hours of joining our event, you could hold your offer letter in hand, eliminating weeks of anticipation and uncertainty. But wait, there's more! We're thrilled to offer a generous 50% scholarship on selected courses, making quality education more accessible than ever before. 💼💡

Don't miss this chance to secure your spot at
GBS Malta and Ecole De Management Applique to pave the way for a bright and promising future!

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Why choose GBS Malta ?

•    Affordable tuition fee
•    Up to 50% Scholarship
•    Flexible study options
•    Part-time work opportunities
•    Global Student network
•    Accredited by NCFHE
•    One-year PSW (9 Months)
•    Highest paid wage for part-time in Europe- €12 - €18/hour
•    Ranked 3rd safest country in Europe for International Students.
•    Free Government Transportation within the country


Why choose EMA ?


•    Located in the heart of Paris
•    Affordable fees 
•    Scholarships available (50% in first year and upto 50% in 2nd year)
•    Courses in English
•    No IELTS required (MOI accepted).
•    Avail Highest paid Internship.
•    Get One-year PSW 2 years for master’s course once we get RNCP Approved
•    Quick Visa Process
•    Free Healthcare
•    Get subsidies on accommodation and travelling.
•    Get 6 month of French language support.
•    6 months internship available.

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